Human Rights

Bhuiyan Trading has a long and pleased history of approaching workers with deference and pride. The sign of Bhuiyan Trading's way of life is described by honesty, common trust and the certainty we show with our workers, clients, investors, providers and the networks in which we work.

Moral Business Conduct

This Human Rights Policy Statement mirrors the Company’s more extensive promise to moral strategic policies, which is typified in Bhuiyan Trading’s “Setting the Standard – Policy on Business Conduct.” These rules fill in as the foundation of the Company’s business morals and consistence program and require Bhuiyan Trading’s Board of Directors, officials and representatives to lead business decently, genuinely and inconsistently with every pertinent law, rules, and guidelines, including those ensuring Human Rights. The Company has suitable systems set up to inside screen consistency with these rules and encourages detailing of potential infringement.

Security of the Rights of Workers

Bhuiyan Trading is an Equal Opportunity Employer focused on giving its representatives a safe, non-prejudicial workplace that advances transparent correspondence and grasps poise, regard and assorted variety in all parts of its business tasks. Bhuiyan Trading further backings the disposal of all types of constrained, fortified or mandatory work and the opportunity of affiliation. We accept that individuals should work since they need or need to, not on the grounds that they are compelled to do as such. We forbid the utilization of jail work, persuasively contracted work, fortified work, bondage or subjugation.

Security of the Rights of Children and Young Workers

Bhuiyan Trading denounces all types of misuse of kids. The Company doesn’t enlist youngster work and supports the disposal of exploitative kid work. Bhuiyan Trading likewise underpins laws properly established to forestall and rebuff the wrongdoing of sexual misuse of youngsters and will help out law implementation experts in these issues. We do empower the formation of instructive, preparing or apprenticeship programs attached to formal training for youngsters.

Equity of Opportunity

We perceive, regard and grasp the social contrasts found in the overall commercial center. Our work environment is where we will probably draw in, create, advance and hold the best individuals from all societies and sections of the populace, in view of capacity. We have zero-resilience for separation or provocation of any sort. We likewise cautiously screen decent variety enlisting universally and endeavor to make a different workforce that speaks to the networks where we work.


We guarantee that Compensation meets or surpasses the lawful essentials and is serious with industry norms. Our Compensation reasoning is plainly imparted to representatives and is in full consistency with every single relevant law.

Associations with Indigenous People

Inside the structure of our qualities, we regard the way of life, customs and estimations of the individuals in networks where we work and consider their requirements, concerns, and desires.


This Human Rights Policy Statement is actualized through the Company’s business morals and consistency program, on which all workers are prepared. Bhuiyan Trading’s Global Human Rights explanation was actualized and is routinely assessed by the Employee and Public Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors, while oversaw by the Vice President – Human Resources.